There’s something happenin’ here

Actually, a lot has been going on (though a big up to Stephen Stills for inspiring the blog title. Buffalo Springfield = awesome). Some of it it is still up in the air, but promising. Some of it amounts to little more than stupid, childish drama. And the rest of it has been work in some degree or another. So I’m taking my one night at home before 9:30 p.m. to visit my rather neglected corner of the Webs.

– Wedding planning is … fun. Definitely interesting. I never knew people cared so much about small sandwiches until now. You don’t mess with the small sandwich platter. That junk will start a fight. Thankfully the tuxes are ordered, the honeymoon in Jamaica is booked (our room, which is at an all-inclusive resort, has a fully stocked bar. WHAT?!) After getting the music down, the groom is done.

– On a similar note, I’m turning in my passport application this week. Guess who will soon get to show foreign peoples how utterly lame he is? OK, don’t guess about that.

– I have a messed up spine. I medical terms, if my spine were a clock, it would be at 6:47. Haven’t been able to run, but the chiropractor lady who does a Bruce Lee number on my back twice a week says I’m getting better. Huzzah! With a heart condition, bad back and graying hair, I’m 25 going on 73. Fun …

– The kids who work at the shop are on vacation (I know, at 25 I can’t call a 19 and a 20 year old “kids.” But as above bullet point states, I’m getting old before my time. Whippersnappers.) This means Lucy and I are at the shop a lot. I’ve thought about setting up beds and a small shower in there just to make life a little easier. Though that would greatly disappoint the cats. Sigh. But business is good. People love coffee.

– My fellow reporter Stephanie is leaving The Sylva Herald. I’m a little jealous. Granted, I’ve been there four years and had to laugh at my fair share of inane things (anyone who’s seen this week’s edition got to see a good bit as well), so in a way I should be. But enough of that. Good for her. She’s following … not her dreams, I guess, but will to leave Jackson County. Go with what you can, I guess.

– My dear friend/almost sister Miss M has been leading an interesting life lately. This has absolutely nothing to do with me, but her blog is about the most interesting read on the Internet. That and Cracked. Those guys mess my junk up.

That about does it. Boring and uninteresting, I know. But It’s been more than a month. I had to put something up here before the blog gods smited me. Besides, both of you who read this had more important things to do, I’m sure. In any event, I leave you with the great Wilco.


~ by J on July 28, 2009.

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