Pump it up.

My alma mater’s basketball team is officially 2009 NCAA National Champions. Woo!

Honestly, had they lost, I wouldn’t have minded so much. Sports are a “take it or leave it” thing for me. However, I am paying UNC back for my four years of education there (and I know some of that money will go towards athletics), so I at least feel like I’m getting some return on that $75 a month. Aside from the whole “I learned stuff there” thing. Lord knows I don’t use my education.

That was a joke. A bad one. Moving on.

Also on the “neat things happening in April” front, it’s snowing pretty hard here in Sylva. Not really sticking, but it’s proving to be an amazing contrast from the “75 degrees and sunny” conditions we had Sunday. We slept in the shop again last night. It wasn’t worth trying to make it to Balsam. If there’s one place where snow sticks in this whole county, it’s Balsam. Not worth the risk of life and limb to attempt making it to the house. However, as comfortable as the old red couch is, I had a horrid night’s sleep. So I’m trying to wake up as best I can. Failing miserably really. But I’ve been rather productive this morning. Go me.

In random news (start rant here) –

Jackie Earl Haley, who played Rorschach amazingly in the recent “Watchmen” film adaptation, was recently signed to play Freddy Krueger in the upcoming “A Nightmare on Elm Street” remake. Hopefully they won’t drop the ball on this and the filmmakers will try to make ol’ Fred SCARY again. I remember as kid being totally freaked out by Freddy. I go back and watch the first one and it still creeps me out a bit. The others, though … meh.  I came to realize he was like a low-rent Letterman who just so happened to kill people. At least in the plethora of nonsensical sequels. So, filmmakers, please heed the call of angry horror dorks out here in the Interwebs. You’ve got an amazing actor filling Robert Englund’s shoes (which in itself is going to be a nigh impossible task, since Englund is so entwined with the Krueger character. But I think Haley is one of few people, if not the only person, able to do it). Now actually spend time on a script. Give us a story we want to see. It doesn’t cost much. Cut out one special effects shot and you’ve got it. Hell, it will look better if you do it the cheaper, practical way anyways. CGI is killing horror movies.

(End rant)

I’ve been officially engaged a full week. Crazy.


~ by J on April 7, 2009.

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