Going mobile

So I added a WordPress application to my newfangled iPod touch. Or as I prefer to call it, my “high-falutin’ alien touch screen Internet connector thingy.” I’m old school.

This post would be much, much more hip if it was actually made from said iPod, but since I am here at work and can’t get a good wireless signal I’m doing this the old fashioned way. But future rants and raves will be made from there, that you can be sure of. Because I am nothing if not a total geek/dweeb/nerd. Choose the pejorative of your choice. They all stick.

Speaking of which, I added the BeBot app to my iPod today too. It’s pretty badass. Check out the dude from Dream Theater rocking out.

Between this and DigiDrummer, I’m going to make some crazy-ass music with my iPod. Awesomeness.

In other news, I’ve come to the conclusion that the show “Burn Notice” is pretty badass. Ex spy using his skills to right various wrongs. Crazy cool narration. BRUCE CAMPBELL! It has it all. Oh, and the producers seem to be drawing from the same casting pool as my other favorite, “Battlestar Galactica.” Number Six and Romo Lampkin have made appearances in season two alone. Sweet.

(As I sit here, a Native American man came in with a normal, clean cut hairdo … with two waist length braids down the side. Words cannot do it justice. It was pretty intense.)

So today when I was deciding to write some more on this little ol’ thing, I realized my layout is kinda depressing. It’s all black. No glitz or snazziness to it. The only color is the picture up top, which I took from the porch of my brother’s old house in Boone. I thought about changing it, but then I realized I’m saving whoever reads this a little money since their screen isn’t blaring light at you from a totally white background. Google did something like that last year – making their home screen black to save energy. Well I did it first bitches.

This rambling has to end somewhere. Here is as good as any other place.


~ by J on February 24, 2009.

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