It’s all in my mind.

I feel like a good ramble. Like I need open the escape valve of my mind to let all of this junk out. So here it is, more for my own amusement than anything else. (Hell, everything on here is really just for my own amusement.)

• John Mayer. People like his music? Really? I mean, he’s a funny guy. I think he’d be a decent comedian. No Hedberg or Hicks, but a bit better than that Jeff Dunham guy – the one with the puppets. Boy is that shit atrocious. But John Mayer’s music is so bad it makes Jesus cry. I don’t get it. At best, he’s a fair forgery of other acts. At worst … are the words “Aural Holocaust” too severe?

• Speaking of music, “The Tain” by The Decemberists is rather amazing. I need to stop listening to it, but I just can’t. Damn you Colin Meloy!

• Should I regret missing out on the things most people my age do? I mean, I’m glad my 20s haven’t been spent in some drunken stupor. The few times I’ve messed with the “hair of the dog” weren’t unenjoyable, but it’s not a state I’d like to be in perpetually. There’s part of me that views the whole practice as vapid and inane, an excuse for people to put off that whole “growing a personality” thing. But as a staunch devil’s advocate, I can’t help but think I might be missing out on some of the better aspects of such a life. Are there “better aspects?” I wonder about that. To each his own, I guess.

• Coffee is amazing. I actually had a conversation with someone pondering what cavemen did in the mornings since they didn’t have coffee or Slayer (a viable alternative – “Raining Blood” gets you going at 7 a.m.). Getting up at dawn to go kill a woolly mammoth or something without a cup o’ joe to get them going. I admit, it’s one of those things that’s a “modern convenience” that we take for granted, but still it had to suck something fierce.

• I need to read more. I’ve been tearing through “World War Z” as of late, which has reminded me of how much I love a good book. I feel like I never have enough time anymore, but it’s something I need to set aside few minutes a day to do.

• In the same vein, I need to write more. Granted, I get paid to write the “news,” but I want to write more for myself. That’s part of the reason for this blog, but there’s still more I could do. I’ve been trying to write more songs and such and have been forcing myself to write things down whenever they come to me. Again, I could do more. Blank pages are full of possibilities – that’s what I keep telling myself.

• Lucy just got me a vampire boycotting garlic T shirt. Sweet.

• Sometimes I wonder if things turn out the way they’re meant to. I think they do, but sometimes I’m not so sure. Infinite paths for infinite choices. Sometimes it’s just better not to think about it, but I can’t help it.


~ by J on December 8, 2008.

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