Bonfires burning bright, pumpkin faces in the night

My brother is getting married Nov. 1, and the rehearsal dinner is taking place on Oct. 31. That’s right … I get to spend my Halloween celebrating the impending nuptials with family and friends.

I’m delighted my brother is getting married but I’m still pretty bummed that I won’t get to have a proper Halloween celebration. Granted, I hardly ever do anything big. I haven’t bought a costume in years, but I have made my own (with gallons of fake blood – thanks high school drama class!) for a night of disguised carousing. More often it’s a gathering of friends and some of the most messed up, insanely violent horror movies I can find. This task has been made much, much easier thanks to Netflix.

But seeing as how even that simple pleasure won’t be in the cards this year, I’ve decided to spend as much of October as I can celebrating the art of great horror cinema. That’s right bitches – for the next 31 days, nothing but horror movies for me. (Except for that documentary on The Clash … I didn’t reorder my Netflix queue in time. But it’s The Clash.) The crazier, more screwed up and obscenely violent the movie, the better.

To get in the right frame of mind, I started a day early. And I may have hit the jackpot the first time out with a nice little French movie called “Inside” which chronicles both the dangers of motherhood (quite literally) and the many amazing uses of scissors, knitting needles, toaster ovens and bottles of hair spray.



Not many movies freak me out. But this one … Jesus. I was shocked at a good part of it. Those “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” (thanks Willie!) have made a movie that will jolt even the most disaffected gore-hound like me.

And that, in my mind, makes this movie AMAZING.


~ by J on October 1, 2008.

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