I like the blown out sound we’ve found

There was a time in the 1990’s when a lot of bands were signed in an effort to cash in on the whole “grunge” revolution.

Well, a good bit of them were awful and have thankfully been lost in the sands of time. But there were a select few that put out some amazing music but have been sadly overlooked.

The one I always point to is Hum, an amazing quartet from Champaign, Illinois. Some people might remember them from their one fluke hit, “Stars.” And by saying it was a fluke, I’m not demeaning them in any way. On the contrary, usually songs like that are criminally ignored by most of the public. But that’s their big claim to fame …

… which is sad. Because their albums are amazing, none more so than their final LP, “Downward is Heavenward.”

Seriously, every song on this is mind-blowing, heavy space-rock goodness. It’s pretty sad this amazing piece of work has been overlooked. Albums like this just aren’t made anymore. Hell, it’s getting to the point where albums in general may become a thing of the past.


~ by J on September 10, 2008.

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