I only wanna go where my wheels roll

I had an epiphany early Sunday afternoon … one that should have been quite obvious, really, but somehow escaped my dense head.

Equations only work when the right variables are involved.

This is an infallible fact, whether you’re talking about a problem in your algebra textbook or your relationship with a significant other. When the variables are right, the equation works great. If one of them is off by even the smallest amount, it all goes to hell.

That could be disheartening, but not to me. You never learn how to do something right if you don’t find out how to do it wrong. Sometimes you have to screw up – it helps you figure things out. Not that falling short is a good thing, but it’s something you have to accept from time to time. Life is a learning experience, I guess.

In other, non-esoteric rambling news, I have learned that three days after my birthday (namely, Sept. 22, 2008), Fender will unveil its David Gilmour signature Stratocaster guitar. On the upside, Fender is finally paying tribute to one of the greatest guitarists who ever lived. Gilmour is my guitar hero. I. REALLY. WANT. THIS. GUITAR. Down side – they want at least $4,000 for it.

I hate being poor.


~ by J on August 4, 2008.

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