I’m a proud man anyway …

A lot has been going on lately.

While dealing with current issues, discussions have begun about plans for the future. Oftentimes as a way to keep from thinking things dead end with the present. At least the parts of the present that could be better.

But when I talk to people about the future, I realize I don’t know what the hell I want out of my life.

I’ve proved to myself time and time again that nothing is impossible. I feel confident if there’s some overall goal I have there’s nothing stopping me from achieving it. But defining what that goal is … there’s the tricky part.

Maybe there’s a certain pride in not making some grand statement with your existence. Maybe there’s some merit getting by without leaving too much of a footprint, be it a good or bad one. There’s nothing wrong with a “life of small horizons,” as it was once called.

Is that good enough, though?


~ by J on July 9, 2008.

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