Pondering …

I think my generation is trying its damndest to rush into some idealized version of “adulthood.”

This is something that confuses me to no end. Was I the only one who never thought life after 20 would be like an episode of some dumb sitcom? When did everyone start buying the bullshit?

Though most of our lot may not realize this, the fact of the matter is we’re overgrown children. Sure, some of us may be married, have kids and a mortgage. But more and more people see those as a symbol of status instead of a responsibility. Frank Zappa wasn’t off the mark when he said “Life is like high school with money.”

And if someone doesn’t consider themselves an “adult” for rutting with the first person who comes along with a good insurance plan and decent genes, they try to be one of these “socialites.” They know all the “right” people and the “right” places to be seen at. (Interpretation – they hang out with the people who will make them look good. All in places that make them seem “cooler” or “more sophisticated.”) From the people I’ve crossed paths with in life, I’ve gleaned that those in this category claim some air of “maturity” from what is little more than hollow posturing. Plus, everyone’s drunk and screwing each other. I guess that’s a bonus …

(I’ll go ahead and point it out now. I abhor people who make alcohol a central part of their life. It’s something I think of as an auxiliary pleasure and yes I do imbibe from time to time. But I honestly think people who “can’t live without a drink” are pretty pathetic.)

At the cost of sounding somewhat anachronistic, I think that if my generation were born 30 years ago we’d be screwed. I’m not some conservative blowhard here, but let’s face facts – our world has gotten lenient on a lot of things. A few decades ago, if someone acted like one of the characters from “Sex and the City,” people would probably call them out for being a drunken slut. Now it seems like that way of life is somewhat revered. It has its time and place, sure, but let’s not gloss over it. Let’s not give it so much credence.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m the one who needs to grow up …


~ by J on July 1, 2008.

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